Oreo 8000’s Club Penguin Mania Rockhopper Page

Posted: April 4, 2008 by Oreo 8000 in Uncategorized

I met Rockhopper six times on one Friday in the Fall. Please send comments and Questions about my blog and Rockhopper.


Welcome to my blog     New WordPress Blog   You Saw that I found Rockhopper without the Rockhopper TrackerRockhopper

  1. tooly228 says:

    Bikeboy93 said he will put me on his blogroll? Because I already told him that I met the requirements and so forth.

  2. tooly228 says:

    Nice theme. Also you know about my party tomorrow right?

  3. tooly228 says:

    Oreo, can you allow comments for all of your posts please!

  4. indy59 says:

    Nice blog Oreo, I like the upgrade! Come check out my blog sometime. I am actually ur buddy, I dont know if u actually know or anything. But heres the link: thereitgoes.wordpress.com I am thinkin abouot upgrading my blog also. Well, cya around dude!


  5. Clone says:

    Hey its me Clone (the beta) Good website! 🙂

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