May 17th

Posted: May 17, 2008 by Oreo 8000 in Uncategorized

I got Tooly228, Ray Toolbear, and me in a picture.

Ray Toolbear has a blog which is

And Tooly228 is

and mine is



  1. tooly228 says:


  2. watweebman says:

    Oreo Please Come To My Party
    Bigfoot, Dock, May 18, 7:00 am cptz time. Please come

  3. tooly228 says:

    Also, if you want to be on my header, you can visit the Ice Rink in Big Foot tomorrow at 6:25 am PST! Also have your hits been going up lately?

  4. tooly228 says:

    Cool party widget

  5. mimo12300 says:

    What is ur theme callrd oreo?
    comment back on my site

  6. tooly228 says:

    Hey Oreo 8000, do you want to share the Web Counters? Mine is

  7. mimo12300 says:

    Why did u delete me on cp??? 😦

  8. tooly228 says:

    What I meant was that you take off your Web Counter and just add mine. Which means that the ppl on my site and your site will be counted together!

  9. tooly228 says:

    How many hits are you getting per day?

  10. tooly228 says:

    Maybe you should put your web counter back how it was because I am getting confused on how many ppl are on my site. OK? THX 😀


  11. tooly228 says:

    Can you remove the comment that starts with: could you…

  12. goofy73 says:

    aww i was there but left for a few minutes!

    you’re friend goofy73!

  13. mimo12300 says:

    but where at 1:30 on fjord

  14. tooly228 says:

    Can you remove the comment that starts with: can you (also remove this comment!)

  15. tooly228 says:

    also i have changed the link from ore0800 to oreo8000!

  16. tooly228 says:

    also i dont think i can update the other blog that you created for us.

  17. tooly228 says:

    Also, can you remove me as an author on the other site. I won’t be able to update it and I don’t want to have all that responsibility. Sorry about that Thx.

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