May 24

Posted: May 24, 2008 by Oreo 8000 in Uncategorized

My party is at my igloo in Fjord is over


Today I just created a updatable widget here is the code

<a href=””><img src=”; ></a>

And don’t forget my party. Check the party widget for details.

  1. tooly228 says:

    I will mention you in a post. Also can you put up my pin widget plz!

  2. tooly228 says:

    Sorry about quiting the other site. You can remove me as an author on the site. Also I am sorry for not attending the party at 12 pm because I had to do something else. Sorry.

  3. cpmac says:

    sweet site dude!
    cool header!


  4. redbluemast says:

    Hi oreo8000 can i be on ur blogroll?
    Ps add me.
    Comment at my site when u added me.Also do not trust Cpmac,he try to be friendly but hes not!
    Ps comment at my site that u added me and than ill add u to my 2nd blogroll

  5. redbluemast says:

    I trusted him,he was nice if he gave me the beta.But i worked really hard on his site,and it isnt fair that u dont get a prize for ur hard work ❗

  6. redbluemast says:

    But he suppoosed to give me a beta ❗

  7. mimo12300 says:

    Sorry could not make it

  8. mimo12300 says:

    Go on fjord now at dock
    Tooly will be der too

  9. mimo12300 says:

    Yes u can!!!!!

  10. tooly228 says:

    What’s Different contest has started! Visit for more info! 😀

  11. cheatgnome says:

    come and see a sneek peek of my new video at

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