May 30

Posted: May 30, 2008 by Oreo 8000 in Uncategorized

Also go to my sites banner page and put it on ur site and ill put u on my blogroll.

Here’s my newest video enjoy 🙂



Today the stories were published and the new item for the CPIP testers is……….

A red hard hat

  1. cpmac says:

    sweet video dude!
    cool site!
    keep it up!

  2. tooly228 says:

    Thx for telling that to CP Mac!

  3. Waddle says:

    Hi im new to this blog, so far i think its great

  4. swiminkiing says:

    Hey its swiminn6! Want to be first to know when theres a contest? Exclusive spoilers? Well sign up for my free support line for contest alerts 😉 Be first to know when a contest is about to begin!
    Just click on Contest Page, at my site, its as easy as 123!
    -swiminn6 @ Cya there 😉

  5. swiminkiing says:

    Thanks you are too!!!! Also, Check out my contest page, sign up for free alerts when im about to have a contest 🙂 Be first to know 🙂


  6. tooly228 says:

    The banner messes the look of my site. It stretches differently. If you wanna see what is looks like, click here:

  7. goofy73 says:

    i love the hat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you’re friend goofy73

  8. cpmac says:

    sweet oreo!
    cool site too!
    keep it up!
    ur doing great dude!

    ( )

  9. cpmac says:

    hey dude!
    im having a really cool contest im giving away some betas that has all the pins all the cloths all the everything beta hat!
    a membership and a million coins!
    and theres even better prizes at:
    ( )
    alright thats the site!
    hope u win!

  10. cheatgnome says:

    come to we have re-opened the site!

  11. tooly228 says:

    I’m sorry but I cant let anyone be an author without actually knowing them. I hope you understand. I am really sorry. Btw, if you re-size your banner, I will be able to place it on my site!

  12. tooly228 says:

    Also would you like to be in a Club Penguin Music Video?

  13. tooly228 says:

    Do you want to be in a music video with me and goofy73?

  14. tooly228 says:

    Can you make me a banner please? The banner that you made for Mimo12300 looks awesome!!!!! 😀

  15. tooly228 says:

    Oh no. I just realized that the banner that Mimo12300 had was Toronto’s banner. It wasn’t yours. The scrolling banner that Toronto made was the one that I thought you made. Sorry for the confusion. But I will keep the banner for future use. Thx! If there is something you would like me to do for you, just ask!

  16. tooly228 says:

    Could you make a banner like Toronto’s? Cause that is really hard to do!

  17. tooly228 says:

    Want to be an extra for my music video?

  18. tooly228 says:

    Come to the Nightclub, June 4th, 2:00 pm PST in the server Fjord!

  19. tooly228 says:

    Do you know what software to use for an animated gif?

  20. tooly228 says:

    You can think of a new design layout for the pin widget. I was thinking square with a title in its own box. I need a color scheme however. Black and White is cool. Do you have any other suggestions?

  21. redbluemast says:

    Hi there i am having an 10.000 hits party.
    Here is the info
    Time:7 am pst (penguin standard time)
    Date:7 June
    For more information go to

  22. tooly228 says:

    Oreo, make all of your posts commentable. I had to go to find this post just to comment. Also I saw that you changed the border color of your Pin Widget. It looks cool! Oh and I might not be able to make your party because I have a lot of stuff to do on Saturday. Sorry. But I will try to be there!

  23. tooly228 says:

    I started my site in September 2007 with a little bit of knowledge of Club Penguin. I started to familiarize myself with CP and the pins, parties, catalogs, etc. The very day that I started my blog, I got 28 views. That was when the Fall Fair was happening. Ppl started visiting and visiting and before I knew it, every month I would be getting 12,000 hits. (approx.)

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