Old Item Returning

Posted: June 12, 2008 by Oreo 8000 in Uncategorized

In the Club Penguin Times on the front page there is a penguin with a yellow infatible duck. I have a idea of what club penguin is doing. The April Fools Party had red hats last year’s had blue and 2006’s had red. The queen crown was in late 2005 or early 2006, and they brought it back. Then the lasso for the adventure play the lasso was in the costume trunk and it was in the catalog in July of 2006. The red hard hat was a beta testing item and the other time Club Penguin tested was at the end of 2005. The 2006 water party had the yellow duck and orange arm inflatables, last year it had a green duck and blue arm inflatables. The Christmas party which was almost in 2008 they brought back the Christmas scarf from the 2005 party. for the Halloween party in 2006 there was a wizard hat and for the medieval party, they brought it back. They may bring back the orange, yellow, red, and tan lei for the summer party tomorrow, the orange, yellow, red, and tan lei was for the winter fiesta in 2006, but last year was a blue lei some they might bring back the orange, yellow, red, and tan lei, it is the second oldest item. There are the blue and red sunglasses repeat of 2006, and the safarri hat and the dress shoes (Loafers), the yellow hard hat, and the green or blue snorkals i forgot which one.  

2008 is a repeat year of 2006. If my statement is true then these u may expect.

  • in July the Cowboy party and catalog
  • black and the red capes
  • ice skates, and face paint for the sports party
  • blue rain coat, pink and the purple sweatshirt
  • Sports Jerseys (hockey ones from 2006)
  • the yellow duck and orange inflatables
  • Plus many old furniture items
  • Tell me if u think my statement and predictions are correct

Here is the Club Penguin Times Picture.

  1. biscuitboycj says:

    im standing nexy you in toolys igloo please be my buddy

  2. liontamer1 says:

    If you want to be on my blogspot blogroll, you have to put me(liontamer1.blogspot.com) on your blogroll first. Leave a comment once you have done that

  3. liontamer1 says:

    There, I put you on my blogroll(My favorite links).

  4. clubpenguindale38 says:

    In a newspaper additiona few months ago, the face paints wont be coming back aunt artic said

  5. bogabo says:

    Intresting, but I don’t think it’s totally true.


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