Water Party

Posted: June 13, 2008 by Oreo 8000 in Uncategorized

there many cool things and the free items are in the places that the free item widget tells u. Here’s a picture of the new room just for the party.


  1. cpmac says:

    homie1124 is being given away!
    check it out and try to win my beta!
    and other great prizes!
    hope u win!

  2. tooly228 says:

    There. I added the party widget and your free items.

  3. tooly228 says:

    Actually I cant put the party widget because the size is a little big.

  4. tooly228 says:

    Nvm, i fixed it. Also do you want me to help you with your custom css?

  5. cat03 says:

    Go to http://www.clubpenguinfourms.wordpress.com to become a part of Cat03’s Productions! Just follow the rules and comment!


  6. Moo2tto says:

    That stinks I had the yellow duck and the apron! They better not bring back the facpaint… I might quit.

  7. tooly228 says:

    Oh wow! The site looks great! I really wish I had Custom CSS. Also do you need help with the CSS? Cause I could make it look real spiffy! 😀

  8. bluehero29 says:

    hey oreo i promise i won’t bann homie because if i did i couldn’t use him and that would be pointless.

  9. tooly228 says:

    45,000 hits party details:

    * Server – Big Foot
    * Date – Tuesday, June 17th, 2008
    * Time – 12:45 pm PST
    * Place – My igloo (will be on the map)

  10. tooly228 says:

    What could I do for you so that I could get 15 WP credits?

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