Mission 8 Walkthrough and I need more hits

Posted: June 23, 2008 by Oreo 8000 in Uncategorized

I need a lot more hits so tell ur friends about my site and please tell other Club Penguin WordPress sites to go to my site.

Heres the walkthrough

  1. Talk to G then go get the hammer and brown hat in the HQ
  2. Go to the dock where Klutzy and Herbert come up in the drill
  3. After they leave, grab the lanttern  thst Klutz dropped
  4. Go to the HQ and ask G for the heallium tank
  5. Then go to the lighthouse and get the ballons and the net thats in the front
  6. After that go to the sport shop and get the tent stakes
  7. Then go to the town and u will see the paper float by
  8. don’t follow the second please till later
  9. Go to the coffee shop and put the cookies in the jar then ask the penguin for a cookie
  10. Go to the town and i have a gif to show u what to do (click on the gif if it doesn’t appear on the page)

  1.  Go to the snow forts then the plaza
  2. Talk to the penguin then go to the pizza parlor and get a pizza
  3. give the pizza to the penguin and pick the option to trade the pizza for the newspaper
  4. Then go to the dock and go in the hole
  5. Then go the route the map tells u
  6. Go under the gift shop and go to the boiler room
  7. Then u have to fix the boiler
  8. after that go to the HQ by the problem map G is standing there
  9. Talk to him and thats all
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