New Updates

Posted: July 1, 2008 by Oreo 8000 in Uncategorized

U can always look at the post below for the Rockhopper tracker and other stuff about Rockhopper


Here are some updates

There was a update with the Club Penguin Inprovement Project

And there was a server preview

The big fireworks for The 4th of July

  1. Swiminn6 says:

    Hey its swiminn6! Would you like me to help you with CSS?!? Haha if you want to comment back at my site 😉


  2. dman554 says:

    Oreo ill add u as a helper on my site now 🙂

  3. dman554 says:

    Oreo i need to no your email so i can make u a helper.

  4. mimo12300 says:

    Oreo u delted me on cp 😦

  5. mimo12300 says:

    k probably bug or something
    the next time i see u i will ask u k

    ps 1234 hehe

  6. adrian520 says:

    hey oreo about that member penguin i will give it to u under 1 condition reply back at

  7. adrian520 says:

    no spikeike9 is already doing that what about be my buddy on clubpenguin and we could share or be my buddy and be on my blog and you could have it you choose

  8. adrian520 says:

    hey go to my chat so we could talk on my blog

  9. dman554 says:

    Hey its Dman554,do you want to meet on cp?If you can meet me on Fjord in maybe half an hour cy’a there!

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