My party was fun, thanks everyone.

Here are the pictures

Here are the six people that are in the running to be in 2 of my videos

  • Mimo12300
  • Nolan Ryan
  • Amit Sofer
  • Club Banty
  • Bluemaster51
  • and purire

Only 3 get to be in my video so please comment to pick which three u think were the most into the party.

I will say who gets the spot in the blogroll and who gets mentioned in a post (their sites will also)

  1. loveless19 (my penguin name ) says:

    i was at the party and you didnt add me =[[ but i do have to say that i think purire was the most into the party and that he deserves to be in the video =]]

  2. rofegme says:

    I missed it…

  3. termapenguin says:

    i was there to but i too believe purire and mimo12300 are most deservant

  4. mimo12300 says:


  5. Pot999 says:

    mimo12300 seems to be in all of the pics i think he should be in it

  6. Pot999 says:

    am i right

  7. tooly228 says:

    Sorry I missed your party!

  8. purire says:

    hi i am running to be on the blog please pick me also i don’t have a website

  9. purire says:

    i really want to win and meet mimo777 and mimo12300

  10. adrian520 says:

    i got me my own but soory i missed it i forgot

  11. Tommyo3000 says:

    aw mani was gonna say me but im not up there and i came too late. ill vote for bluemaster51,purie, and mimo12300

  12. purire says:

    a vote for p is a vote for me

  13. purire says:

    i vote for my self i guise

  14. hlide says:

    i vote for purire 600 and i dont want mimo12300 to win plz

  15. cow boy man says:

    i vote for purire

  16. greajn says:

    i vote purire

  17. greajn says:

    purire is the best

  18. mimo12300 says:

    Plz Oreo

  19. puppup1996 says:

    I have decided to bring back one of my websites.
    Its Called
    its awesome and it will have the same stuff and pictures of club penguin from the original site
    so please go to and comment and tell epoepl about it!

  20. purire says:

    pick me plz

  21. bluemaster51 says:

    me i was in all the pics and i loved the party!

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