People Mentioned in a post

Posted: July 6, 2008 by Oreo 8000 in Uncategorized
Here are the 5 people that will be mentioned in this post.


Purire was with me the whole party. He really wanted to have a great party, and be my friend.


-Amit Sofer

He was at the party 2 hours before it started, that shows he really was ready to party.


-Club Banty

He was also at the party 2 hours before it started.



Mimo was really into the party. He played games with me and was at the whole party. His blog is


-Who Ever Came to the party

Yes, if u came to the party then ur mentioned in this post. Here are some people that i really noticed

Nolan Ryan (penguin not former Texas Ranger Pitcher who set the record for strikeouts)







  1. purire says:

    i think i saw hlide in the party a lot and i think he should be up their

  2. mimo12300 says:

    Oreo u cannot see my sites address!

  3. Tommyo3000 says:

    o awesome i forgot about yer party so i came late

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