Cabluey/Toronto’s party

Posted: July 12, 2008 by Oreo 8000 in Famous Penguins
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Cabluey is OFFLINE  

Cabluey is on my friends list 🙂

  1. adrian520 says:

    hey im gonna have a 2,000 hit party you think you could be one of the guest stars?

  2. tooly228 says:

    Ya ya, lets do that. Let’s call ourselves, OT2k8 or maybe OverTime 2008. It’ll be cool. What will we do though. Right now, I am thinking of something. And it is something that might work.

  3. tooly228 says:

    Nice CSS. Btw, you should take a look at Mimo12300’s site 😥 😦

  4. nintendogsfanclub says:

    hey cool site do you play nintendogs or wanna play nintendogs well i have a fan club all about it if you join the fanclub you get to be on the member page if you wannna join go to this link i hope you can join ds101

    i love comeing to this site ther allways something new!

  5. tooly228 says:

    Sorry I misssd it. I was busy at the time. How about now in Fjord (Dock)?

  6. Wha39 says:

    Hey Oreo800 I Was Just Wondering Your E-Mail Because I Was About Tp Make You A Admin On My Site!
    So Will U

  7. Jackwen 2nd says:

    Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi 🙂

  8. Pandaleaf says:

    What website creator did you use to build this site. And did it cost money?

  9. pandaleaf says:

    look at the comment above

  10. Snake105 says:

    Cabluey quit 😦 look at his youtube

  11. mpengu2 says:

    i think he made it on jimndo

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