New Features Launched

Posted: July 15, 2008 by Oreo 8000 in Uncategorized

Here is a bug with the new features. Heres what u do, sit sideways or dance then open the newpaper. Make sure to put ur penguin out of the way of the newspaper. Thats why my picture is dark

The new features have now launched. There is a free item that comes in Penguin mail

Here is the ice rink

Here are my suggested servers

Here are the igloo stuff. My igloo is a hotel

Member igloos

  1. bubba1960 says:

    that not all!

  2. bubba1960 says:

    Check out my blog for ALL the new stuff

  3. bubluciouspenguin says:

    hi! My name is bublucious I! I am a big fan! I dont have 8,000 hits but I was wondering if you could add me to your blogroll. My site is !!!!!! thanks! Cya!

  4. adrian520 says:

    yeah but could you invite more famous people like tooly i dont even know if hes coming and post the picture on ur site so people could see when is my party (etc)

  5. Logan (Oakfield Wis) says:

    Can you meet me in the next 10 minutes at the Iceberg in Fjord
    so i can add you

  6. bubba1960 says:

    oreo! i need help! i acedently deleated my image header! can u make me new one? plz!

  7. bubba1960 says:

    never mind!

  8. darkbender says:

    Pink Bandt: Hi Oreo! Ive Known About Your Site For Quite Some Time Now. 🙂 Its Really Cool! I Was Wondering If You Could Do a post About My Site! ( If You Do, Comment On My Site Your Email So I Can Make You a MOD Of My Site! ) If You Just Wanna Put Me On Your Special Blog Roll, Thats Fine too. 🙂

    Best Regards – Pink Bandt

    Vance: Sup Oreo 8000! I Just Found Out About your Site! Its pretty Hot! (Cool) :mrgreen: Im another MOD on
    It Would be Really cool To have You as Another MOD here at! 😀 Hope To See You There!

    Keep’n It Real 8) – Vance

  9. jgires says:

    dear oreo800 would you like to join my blog if so please post your email in a comment on my blog and ill send you an email asking you to join our blog me and bubba1960 run it and so does pinkhires and we want you to join if you join could you make widgets
    thanks for your help

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