I’m back

Posted: August 6, 2008 by Oreo 8000 in Uncategorized

I’m back and i was able to update my widgets, but here are the cheats that happened when i was gone. And there is a new version of Aqua Grabber.

Here are the catalog secrets

The pin is in the night club under the puffle

Also here is the new Aqua Grabber

For the Clam Waters level do this.

First u grab all the pearls as before, but here is the difficult part. First you grab the boulder

Then you drop it in the clam

And i will give you the cheats for the soda level later

Also Rockhopper is coming!!!!!! So get ready because i will track a lot of places where Rockhopper is, so for all of Rockhopper’s visits visit my blog all the time. I will update the tracker a lot.

I have some news. I would love to get to a lot more hits, because i will post Club Penguin news every time new things come out in Club Penguin, so i will get a log of hits, because it would be to always have about 30 people on at a time.

Also in news about my blog there will be a little signature i will put at the end of post and my pictures

  1. me12101 says:

    can you put me on your blogroll plzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!

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