After Rockhopper leaves, still look at my site like Rockhopper is still going around, but at my cheats, and my many cool pages. Also Traesure hunt works

Go to the front page ( to see the Octobe Rockhopper Tracker Post

Here is my Rockhopper tracker

and here is the code

<a href=””><img src=”; /></ a>

Here are the picture of Rockhopper. (each picture repreasents everytime i met Rockhopper this visit

Here is the second picture i saw him 4 times but i didn’t do the pictures for two

  1. Rofegme says:

    I think this Rockhopper tracker is the best. 😀

  2. Iceekat5 says:

    Sweet except, i wish the band would visit again

  3. turtle3490 says:

    Hey Oreo8000! I have some interesting news to tell you.
    People think Ninjas are not real. Well, go to this link: and make sure you look at the pictures very carefully!
    This is from Club Penguin:

    Dear penguin,

    we all know that ninjas are first and foremost puzzling. However,
    can be some evidence that there
    actually ninjas! It might involve
    couple of clues, or messages or a
    but no one knows. Check every
    and I’m sure we with find more compelling evidence. Keep up the good work!

    Club penguin Team.

  4. Rofegme says:

    Yea notice that the one word lines tell “There is a secret room”.

  5. Rofegme says:

    Also notice that some letters are not capitalized. DHICIKBT are all the capital letters together. It might be some info..

  6. Rofegme says:

    wait a minute… What does “Sure we with find” mean?!

  7. Jojo says:

    i cant find rockhopper…

  8. Ici Fever says:

    whats the item hes giving out

  9. Cabluey says:

    Hey umm, you said you posted a comment on my site. It must’ve got sent to spam because it had a link in it or something. Well what was it?

  10. Poopaloopa says:

    Hey Oreo What is The Item Rockhopper is Giving out? Because I’ve met him before and I want to see if its the same item as last time.

  11. mmopukcp says:

    Cool post!

    Check out my site sometime too!

    mmopuk wordpress com
    and post a comment!!! 😉

    Waddle On!

  12. edude41 says:

    Hey Oreo this is Edude. I was wondering if you have an aim or a meebo because I need to talk to you. Well, I guess thats all.
    Keep Waddling,

  13. Cabluey says:

    Hey. For some reason all of your comments go to spam on my site. I don’t know why. I was just checking it and looked through it. I found a lot of your comments but realized they weren’t spam. Weird huh?

  14. flatoe says:

    Oreo how do u get so many hits???

  15. Zorbeaon says:

    It doesnt even say where he is!!!

  16. kaads says:

    I like your edit of Rockhopper Island. I wish that I didnt miss your partie, but Ill make it to next partie

  17. bluecreampie says:

    hey oreo. do ya remember me? the last time i saw u was like…2 years ago on cp. ur tracker takes a long time 2 find rockhopper. have u noticed that?

  18. Eilidh says:

    I think those Rockhopper pictures and especially the trackeis really good and ur Oreo tracker is so cool, you have worked really hard on ur site ,well done!

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