Club Penguin Name Cheat

Posted: August 11, 2008 by Oreo 8000 in Uncategorized

Update: Chewy Pup said that some people have been banned when doing this. Also Chewy Pup said that Club Penguin is consider this a hack when it is for actually if u wanted to add a accent to ur penguin’s name. He said also that u may be banned for 72 hours or forever. Also u might be able to only use the same accent letter once, so if ur penguin name starts with one that i have a upper letter and a lower case letter, use the upper case for the beginning then the lower case for the non-upper case letters in ur penguin name 

here is the link to the rockhopper tracker post but here is a crazy cheat that Chewy Pup found out. Do u want to make ur Club Penguin name crazy and that other people notice it well here is what u have to do. when u sign into Club Penguin, don’t do the Remember me option, go to log into a different acount option and do the following.

1. If ur account has: i, e, s, u, c, a, o, n and/or y’s

2. Then replace the i, e, s, u, c, a, o, n and/or y’s in ur penguin name with these

  1. lower case: î           upper case: Î
  2. lower case: ê          upper case: Ê
  3. lower case: ş          
  4. lower case: û          upper case: Û
  5. lower case: ç          upper case: Ç
  6. lower case: â          upper case: Â
  7. lower case: õ          upper case: Õ
  8. lower case: ñ          upper case: Ñ
  9. lower case: Ỳ        

3. log and i there u go a changed name. I am also trying other letters that Chewy Pup didn’t found out like Ω or other international symbols

  1. andrick45 says:

    i can do it without that dude

  2. pinkey2we says:

    i used to be on your blogroll but now you took me off i still have you on mine though so if you dont add me i will take you off!
    -Pinkey2we :mrgreen:

  3. moneykidmist says:

    how do u do tat again i try to but it says penguin not found
    plz help i really wanna do it

    Oreo 8000: Whats ur penguin name. I will do ur name in the way that it will change, to the accented letters

  4. shyshy6510 says:

    that is so super cool,love ths site,check mine out,also i loe your widgetsto

  5. shyshy6510 says:

    hey how do you do that like weird thig,i have a peng i want to do that to and i dont know where that weird thing is?

  6. shyshy6510 says:

    also i do love widgets but i only use them if they are helpful or useful,not like something dumb,like the pin is important

  7. bars says:

    oreo how do u write like that i cant do it:(

  8. bars says:

    how do you post thing on

  9. Gsoccer says:

    It wont Work for me

  10. moneykidmist says:

    my penguin name is mist1glosik

  11. moneykidmist says:

    but when i said it wont work i ment the s wont work

  12. Oreo 8000 says:

    if ur penguin name is mist1glosik then it would be: mîşt1glõşîk

  13. cheesguy says:

    i dont have those weird letters tho

  14. Oreo 8000 says:

    U don’t type the letters u just copy and paste them

  15. NINJAS WALK says:


  16. Oreo 8000 says:

    hey Ninjas walk, maybe unban Cabluey’s penguin, Toronto. go to and ask him

  17. moneykidmist says:


  18. Oreo 8000 says:

    if there is capitals don’t use them just use them as normal

  19. Oreo 8000 says:

    if they are capital and not try to add a accented letter

  20. jordan tovey says:

    plz can i be on ur blogroll im on urs my blog is

  21. raffi67 says:

    add me on ur blogroll: plz add me too ur blogroll

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