25,000 hits!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: August 26, 2008 by Oreo 8000 in Uncategorized

I missed my 25,000 hits, because i was busy. But i will make my banner for the party

Here are the details

Time: 12:00pm Penguin Time/Pacific Time, 1:00pm Mountain Time, 2:00pm Central Time, 3:00pm Eastern Time, 7:00pm Greenwich Mean Time

Day: Saturday, August 30th, 2008

Place: Dock, Fjord

Reason: 25,000 hits !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. articsledder says:

    Cool! I cant wait until the party!

  2. Bellerophont says:

    Hey dude nice blog!

    I added your site to my blogroll. Hope you add my site to yours.




  3. Ting Tong09 says:

    OREO CAN U PLZ ADVERTISE MY PARTY? plz! this is my first party and i hoped u could come and put the invitation on ur really famous site! ah well hope to see u there, by the way my sites ting tong09.tk u can take the link out. thanx! Ting ur best buddy in cp 🙂

  4. kaads says:

    I am going to be at your party

  5. Mitchell46 says:

    wait i live in gwt and 12pst is 8pm for me but u put it as 7pm..

  6. Tonetone34 says:

    finally i have more hits

  7. bubba1960 says:

    ill try 2 come but i may not make it!

  8. sman2323 says:

    Hey, Oreo
    Nice Website. Umm can you try to advertise a party for me. If you do that for me I will let you meet simmer27 or Matre10 because I’m buddies with them.
    Uhh just write back, well on your website.
    P.S- I really am buddies with simmer27 and Matre10

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