New Play

Posted: September 12, 2008 by Oreo 8000 in Uncategorized

Here is what the new play looks like. Sorry everyone for the delay, but I was at school.

Here is the play catalog

  1. tooly228 says:

    I am getting a domain 😉

  2. chetlu671 says:

    Free Member penguin contest at my site!

    Go to and start commenting!


  3. kaads says:

    Hey oreo You rock. Did you find the ruby at the stage? If you didnt Ill tell you where it is

  4. Chase says:

    Hi! Superchaser here!

    Ok i found a cheat to get the Ruby quickly!

    Step 1

    Go on a Safe Chat server.
    Step 2

    Go to the stage
    Step 3

    Click Tab on your keybord until a yellow box goes around a small
    box on the painting.

    Step 4

    Click Enter!
    It should ask you if you want the ruby, and click yes!


    I FOUND THIS CHEAT. If you copy your blog will be reported to WordPress and your blog will be shut down.


  5. star1317 says:

    I love the new play. u rock oreo!

    plz go!

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