Posted: September 14, 2008 by Oreo 8000 in Uncategorized

I will try to shoot a play and put on youtube. So I need actors and security to make sure people who aren’t in the play don’t get in the shot. You need to comment why you want to be a actor (also say your character) or why you want to be security. I will be the director.

  1. sman2323 says:

    I want to be an actor, because I have been in plenty of Videos before 4 Clubpenguin. I would really like to be in this video. If I can’t Then I will become a security guard. If anybody comes close I will try to ban them. I’m still thinking of what character I can be

  2. cheescaomar says:

    I want to be an actor because its so cool and i want to be the main character (penguin name: bryan omar not cheescaomar)

  3. me12101 says:

    i wanna be an actor cause………………………………………well cause your COOL!

  4. Max323525 says:

    I would like to be the detective because uhh… i dont no. I am a real actor in real life and i will follow rules.
    Ive also tried to start my own cp web show but it hasnt been a hit, probably cuz i dont have a hypercam
    Watch it –> sooooo.. plz i really want to .
    Thanx :::) <— Happy Alien Emote.

  5. kaads says:

    I would like to be in the play because Ive been around club penguin for a while and Ive been a member since I got my penguin and my penguins name is kaads Ive been around club penguin since January 3 2007 and If I cant be a actor i would like to be a security than

  6. artic360 says:

    can i have any part if i can be in it cya

  7. lightviolet2 says:

    I will be an actor visit my site http;// for more info plus I am your buddy on cp remember Light Violet thanks bye

  8. lightviolet2 says:

    ohg and Oreo you are an author on the site Light V

  9. lightviolet2 says:

    Light Violet not Light V sorry plz visit and write a post bye

  10. bigboyblue says:

    I would like to be security because I am good at getting people out of my own igloo so I’m sure I can do it so people won’t get in the film. I would also be an actor because I’m an actor in real life so its your choice.

  11. bigboyblue says:

    And my penguins name is super cheez

  12. sorcerersean says:

    ill be a security guard cause ill shout at ppl lol but im short tempered i bought the suit so plz let me know!

  13. Get Silly123 says:

    Uh I Want To Be a Security Guard. My Penguin is Get Silly123 I Also Yell at ppl lol anyway bye!

  14. sydney511 says:

    I have an idea!
    How ’bout ya add your igloo to the map OR make the time start sooner and you add everyone. That way nobody will get in the shot. K? I wanna be a actor.

  15. jordan tovey says:

    plz can i be an actor go to my blog

  16. Alex200710 says:

    can i be in it? ive been on youtube before but i dont have youtube account

  17. bigboyblue says:

    When exactly? Its been a
    long time.

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