Furniture Catalog Spoiler

Posted: September 17, 2008 by Oreo 8000 in Uncategorized

Here is the picture of the spoiler. Its a movie theatre rope, so it might be a Hollywood theme. Please comment on what you think it is.  

The party info

Day: Saturday, September 20th

Where: My igloo in Fjord

When: Noon (12:00 PM) Club Penguin Time

Reason: 30,000 hits

I will give prizes like a spot on the blogroll and other things. Tomorrow I will make a banner for it.

  1. Max323525 says:

    Hey me, again!! 1st comment… COOL
    Anyway i think it will be like we r walking down the red carpet or a movie theatre. Cool cant wait till the play!!! U should have audtions to see how they r dressed and stuff anyways cant wait for the party!!!!

  2. kaads says:

    Thats great oreo8000 you rock Ill be there.

  3. bubba1960 says:

    i can’t make it! can u have one at 10:00 pst too?

  4. Bellerophont says:


    I added your site in my blogroll! Are you going to put my site to yours? Please comment back and let me know as soon as possible so as to know what to do with your site in my blogroll list! I have more than 36,000 hits!

  5. Black starj7 says:

    i am so at your party oreo. and i think its a red carpet thing idk

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