Gizmo was in Frozen

Posted: September 21, 2008 by Oreo 8000 in Uncategorized

I have a hunch that this penguin is Gizmo, because he is really rare, also because Rsnail and Screenhog were on. Maybe Mace (Billybob) will go on Frozen soon. Here are the mods I found Today

  1. 333jman says:

    nice u found three mods, nice. i love ur site. first comment yay

  2. bigboyblue says:

    OMG I see you on right now im super cheez please accept my friend request

  3. kaads says:

    Yes I saw That penguin

  4. kaads says:

    Hey I saw a penguin that is my buddy and his name is Vader2006 which is gizmo’s penguin

  5. Alex200710 says:

    hey i saw testsnail r

  6. bigboyblue says:

    Hey its me super cheez commenting back to kaads’s comment about gizmo. Vader2006 is my buddy and I was intruduced by a friend so i’m not sure its gizmo.

  7. bigboyblue says:

    And i just saw gizzmo again the one oreo 8000 saw not vader

  8. 123kde says:

    :O i got a mail from nickname1 but the type of it didnt come out yet

    perhaps do u think it was a beta mail?!?

  9. empire255 says:

    Umm I Dont Think Testsnail R Is A Mod Because I Saw Him Too And He Was Hacking By Walking On Walls.

    Oreo 8000: Oh I made a mistake Rsnail’s back -up penguin is Test Snail R and that penguin is Testnail R

  10. regiking7 says:

    i just saw nickname1 at frozen today!
    last week at frozen i aslo saw sanity 1.

  11. gizzmocp says:

    haha im gizzmo nice post =D

  12. gizmo says:

    Nice one but u shouldnt steal my name or if its diffrent u still shouldnt but its okay with me if its Gizzmo or like that.

    Next time.
    -Waddle on-

  13. expa2315 says:

    gizmo is vader2006

  14. cheetyweety says:

    hmm.. true testsnail r is Rsnail but im not sure about nickname 1 ad gizzmo.

  15. I think screenog is nckname 1

    Oreo 8000: You’re right Screenhog is Nickname 1

  16. Wrong. When CP didn’t need Nickname1 anymore, they gave the name to public.

    Nickname’s site is, I told him to meet me in my igloo one time on AIM and he did!

    Gizzmo is a rare penguin that I used to know the password to (it was Valintine), but he changed it.

    Testsnail R is not Rsnail, his only penguins are Rsnail and Nanu.

    Any more info you need?
    Go to

    Comment back!

  17. Britt says:

    I saw someone too his name was test penguin 100!

  18. Gizzmo is an impersonater, I am nickname1, rsnail and Testsnail r keeps trying to imposter me.

  19. brick man 50 says:

    yes cool but wat are there PASSWORD

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