Old Item Returning Theory Again

Posted: October 1, 2008 by Oreo 8000 in Uncategorized

Yes its time for my 2006 item repeat theory. note: When i put the predictions they were made a while before the new item, ok.

I’m a big Sports fan so here is the record. Wins will stand for correct and loses will stand for uncorrect guesses. My record is for the theory is

15-3 meaning 15 correct and 3 incorrect. So people don’t yell at me, some of the ones that are crossed out are a single thing or a catagory.

Now for my Theory:

Here is my therory that I said before. The stuff to expect that was right will be crossed out. I made this theory way before these items came out so please, give me full credit for guessing stuff, by infromation of past ‘08/ ‘06 items

I have a idea of what club penguin is doing. The April Fools Party had red hats last year’s had blue and 2006’s had red. The queen crown was in late 2005 or early 2006, and they brought it back in 08. Then the lasso for the adventure play, it was in the costume trunk and it was in the catalog in July of 2006. The red hard hat was a beta testing item and the other time Club Penguin tested was at the end of 2005. The 2006 water party had the yellow duck and orange arm inflatables, last year it had a green duck and blue arm inflatables. The Christmas party which was almost in 2008 they brought back the Christmas scarf from the 2005 party. for the Halloween party in 2006 there was a wizard hat and for the medieval party, they brought it back. They may bring back the orange, yellow, red, and tan lei for the winter fiesta, the orange, yellow, red, and tan lei was for the winter fiesta in 2006, but last year was a blue lei some they might bring back the orange, yellow, red, and tan lei, it is the second oldest item. There are the blue and red sunglasses repeat of 2006, and the safari hat and the dress shoes (Loafers), the yellow hard hat, and the green or blue snorkel i forgot which one. And recent studies show also the cowboy boots that are out now and the cowboy hats from the 2006 July, came out again in July 08. The brought back the tan, green, and red maracas, which were from January of 07 which was almost 2006, and the came back for the Music Jam (here is a little note: I started Club Penguin a week or two from the first time the tan, green, and red maracas came out. I started during the really really cool Winter Fest or its other name the Festival of Snow). And the really old red, white, and blue head band from 06 might come back in the sports catalog tomorrow

2008 is a repeat year of 2006. If my statement is true then these u may expect.

  • in July the Cowboy stuff
  • black and the red capes
  • Black Masks (Something that has to do with hallowween)
  • More old furniture and clothe items from 06
  • ice skates, and face paint for the sports party in Augest
  • blue rain coat, pink and the purple sweatshirts
  • the yellow duck and orange inflatables
  • Plus many old furniture items
  • Tell me if u think my statement and predictions are correct
  • © 2008 Oreo 8000
  • the theory is copyright, because I read that once you create something you own it and that is a copyright. Well its better if you can get one registered by the government, but it costs a lot of money.
  1. visit my site i have a new contest very awsome prizes wich will get alot of hits
    i think tehy r right why r they bringing back all old items my first was th red tan orange lei hope they dont bring that back

  2. vincent says:

    i think your right oreo8000

  3. Wha39 says:

    I Was Wondering What Is The Place That You Make The Light Behind The Penguins? Please Comment Where or Email Me at djjcpwha39@aol.com So I Can Make My Own.
    Ps. Also Comment About Where Do U Get The Cool Pictures

  4. Pengaflop says:

    WOW it would be crazy if you’re right about all that! :O

  5. bubba1960 says:

    the black mask came back!

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  7. […] looks like oreo’s theroy is right! the black mask came […]

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