Posted: October 3, 2008 by Oreo 8000 in Uncategorized

Party Tracker: Party is canceled

Here are the Party details

Day: Friday (today)

Time:5pm pst (penguin standard time)

Where: My igloo in Fjord

Details: I will make a banner soon and I will take pictures of the party so wear your best clothes.

 Reason: 33,00 hits party and my 600th day in Club Penguin.

  1. vincent says:

    hey can u add me im in the dojo on fjord my penguin name is vinc54323

  2. Super cheez says:

    Man!!! My peng got banned for no reason so i’m gonna miss the party. This is so unfair. I wish I was unbanned

  3. Bellerophont says:

    Hello Oreo!

    Bellerophont here!

    Today is my party for the 40,000 hits in my blog! It will be on Fjord – Dojo 2pm. Everyone is invited!

    You can check my blog for more info!

    Hope you can come! Reply back!


  4. bigboyblue says:

    Why did you cancel the party?

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