Header Shop

Posted: October 12, 2008 by Oreo 8000 in Uncategorized

I am proud to reposrt that my new header shop is now open. All orders on my blog that people sent will be canceled. Here is the link http://clubpenguinheaders.googlepages.com

  1. articsledder says:

    When will the banner shop open?

  2. Bellerophont says:

    Keep up the good work buddy!

  3. blueflames1 says:

    I just sent my header thingy in. I was wondering if it sent to you it because it loaded really weird

  4. vincent says:


  5. Rofegme says:

    I am now quitting my blog. Remember me when I found rockhopper on tundra i think? I am not quitting CP though.

  6. -pelkiun- says:


    You are invited to my party!

    When?: 24th October, 8am PST

    Where?: Icicle, Dock

    Why?: Its Halloween!

    The invo is on my site


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