3rd Anniversary

Posted: October 24, 2008 by Oreo 8000 in Uncategorized

Club Penguin is really decorated. (Only the town and the buildings in it.)

I waited for the party changes, right after the party changes I went on Club Penguin and made this post.

Here is the town center

Here is the coffee shop

Here is how you get the hat. Click on the button on the fan and the hats are in the cake.

And here is what the upstairs looks like

Here is the dance club

The pin is upstairs

  1. 1415gamer says:

    this is cool the cake is really big lol
    first comment!!yeah

  2. Bryan Omar says:

    Hi Oreo8000!!

    Wow my name is in one of the pics!!! woohoo

    Nice post and BTW can you go to my site and tell me if you like the way I post about it?

  3. idance1 says:

    Hey Oreo!!! I’m using your rockopper tracker!!! Please could you visit my website? please!! it would mean the WORLD to me!! if you do, thanks sooo much!! here’s my website: http://www.idance1.co.nr

  4. plesentos118 says:

    hey!i am plesentos118
    Which party did you enjoy for this year?
    i have poll on my site

  5. redguyj says:

    hey oreo8000 thank-you for telling that cheat that was really nice.

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