Halloween Party

Posted: October 26, 2008 by Oreo 8000 in Uncategorized

You know around now I would have a Halloween party. Well I’m not, but my sister Oreo 9000 is. Here are the details.

Where: Oreo 9000’s igloo on the server Fjord

When: Thursday, October 30

Time: 4:30 pm Pacific Standard Time, 5:30 pm Mountain Time, 6:30 pm Central Time, 7:30 pm Eastern Standard Time, 11:30 pm Greenwich Mean Time.

She will start letting you in a half hour prior to the times that are given, but the party will officially begin at the times shown under time. Like show up at 4:00 pm Penguin Standard Time, but the party starts at 4:30 (Penguin Standard Time)

Please add her to your blogrolls. I currently work on her site. Her site is http://oreo9000.wordpress.com

  1. Ryan05 says:

    cool ill go!

  2. Agent Chase says:

    Cool! I remeber her from your last party…

    I will go! Remeber me from yesterday? My pengs. name was Superchaser1.

  3. ojoc says:

    cool party picture!

    comment back


  4. oreo don’t bother doing the Rockhopper and Stowaway book. It only gets you 2000 coins


  5. hi oreo im a fan and it would be great if you commented on my main post !

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