Posted: October 29, 2008 by Oreo 8000 in Uncategorized

BREAKING NEWS!!!! Ninjas are outside of the dojo.

Whenever lightning flashies you will see ninjas outside of the dojo.

click on the link to see the Halloween Party post

Sometimes when the room goes black I have seen 2 lights in the shape of circles. I think the ninjas come in the dojo during some lightning. It was just lightning outside of the door. I took the hypercam2 and recorded it and then slowed it down and stop it when the room was black.

I just did the same thing with the hypercam and this is what the dojo looks like when its dark.

Scroll down to see pictures of ninjas.

More news. You know how there are bars to show how full a server is. Well members get one bar taken off. So they can go in servers that would be full to non-members. But I have never see Fjord full with even my non-member penguins. Well I was going on as Oreo 8000 and Fjord was full to even members!!!!!!

  1. Bomber2 says:

    Oreo, if i add you to our site will you post this for us? Do you have msn or AIM, if not tell me a xat to meet you at.

  2. tooly228 says:

    The server was full because of a small party I hosted.

  3. Gordo520 says:

    Oreo, there not NINJAS there GHOST NINJAS lol, hey when you left i got another membership 😀 well bye!

  4. freaky comment back !

  5. heatblast378 says:

    awesome!! i wonder if club penguin are making it so we can be ninjas!!

  6. Yendor 56 says:

    Cool I never new about the ninja shadows LOL!!!!!!!!
    Please checkout my blog dude!!!
    P.s I added u 2 my blog roll!!!!

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