Update on Trading Cards

Posted: November 15, 2008 by Oreo 8000 in Uncategorized

Go to http://www.clubpenguin.com/tradingcards/index.htm to see sneak peeks of the trading cards.

The trading cards unlocks items nline and the cards unlock a new game.

The trading cards will be realeased Monday in Toys R Us stores in North America.

Here is a pictures in the sneak peek page

  1. flatoe says:

    Wanna win a rare penguin?

  2. tooly228 says:

    Well remove me off your blogroll.

  3. Oreo 8000 says:

    Tooly, you have been very rude to me. 😦 😥

  4. Kcaj497 says:

    hey oreo, you should have a coin contest

  5. tooly228 says:

    Lol dude. Plus, many people have had me on their blogrolls for months but I never added them. They are so very patient and when I do see a site I like and it has be on their blogroll, I add them.

  6. tooly228 says:

    Anyone can enter. Only if you choose a VP and make a campaign video.

  7. ClubBanty says:

    Oreo Do You Wanna Be Me My Vice President Pick for The Election

  8. snorlax126 says:

    why did you not add me at chris dogs party

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