Penguin Force Secret Room

Posted: November 24, 2008 by Oreo 8000 in Uncategorized

When you go into the PSA Secret HQ. You will see the filing cabinet. If you buy the Penguin Force DS game, you enter the code to enter the room.


Here is a picture of the secret room courtesy of Mimo777.

  1. Wwe Adam says:

    coolio dude i like the room

  2. sman2323 says:

    I thought it looked familiar. I might be going and getting it tomorrow

  3. :)! says:

    I have the game and I don’t hink its that great. But thats jus my opinion. Theres a little code card behind a bunch of papers in the game case then u enter it on unlock items nline andu can go in. rooms prety cool <3ya site:)!

  4. Gumballs3201 says:

    Yeah i really need one of these codes I look at every secret on cp and this is one i cant do without the code.

  5. gfhgng says:

    so how do u get in?

  6. lfc4ever says:

    i got the game but dunno how 2 get in the room tell me please ???

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