Red Vs. Blue Event

Posted: November 28, 2008 by Oreo 8000 in Uncategorized

Update: The spots are filled. Remember to come. Read the info about the event

Hey everyone. I decided to have a red vs. blue soccer/ hockey game. We will play soccer and hockey in the soccer pitch here are the details.


If you can’t read the banner here is what it says:

“Red Vs. Blue

Where: Soccer Pitch in Fjord

When: 12:00 P.M. Club Penguin Time

Day: Tomorrow, Saturday”

Also, I need

  • 5 people to be on the soccer and hockey teams (10 people)
  • 4 Referees
  • Spectators (Wear red or blue)
  • Spectators, wear face paint if you have any
  • 5 security people to make sure people don’t go on the field

Please sign up for a job.

Red Team                                Blue Team
1. Daniel511197                 1. Oreo 8000
2. Cody (comment name)    2. Kaads
3. Yikes59                           3. August425
4. Cod 4 Masta                    4. Jeffh6
5. Alighf                              5. 44 Lebron
Subs.                                   Subs.
6. Jackwen2                        6. 1415gamer
7. Braveboy124                   7. Nolan Ryan
8. Bellerophont                   8. Manrock1

1. Dbonz77
2. Superbiran97
3. Agent Pen43
4. Blakej1997
5. Gugaluga

1. Sillyman90
2. Chipper1095
3. Sharklionjay
4. Bubba1960

  1. kaads says:

    Ill be a player for the blue team oreo8000

  2. dbonz77 says:

    iwill b a security guard

  3. august425 says:

    ill be on the blue team to

  4. Bellerophont says:

    Very interested!

    I will try to come! You can have some guyz for substitutions!

  5. jeffh6 says:

    hey oreo i will be on your side ok plz you rock!!!

  6. jeffh6 says:

    which is blue team srry

  7. sillyman90 says:

    Ill be a referee and yes i have the referee clothes and a wisel

  8. aussie229 says:

    Awesome! I wish I could make it. Sadly, I can’t!

    Comment back please.


  9. 1415gamer says:

    oreo you no ill be there 😀
    ill be a Spectators with face paint

  10. 1415gamer says:

    a do you have to be member to play
    if u dont have to be member
    ill play for blue team!!

  11. puffles4eva says:

    I’ll be red for HOCKEY Team
    (only..or should i do football(soccer)aswell?
    I wil be on an account called daniel511197

  12. 44 Lebron says:

    I’ll be in Blue Team Oreo8000

  13. Chipper1095 says:

    if i can come, i will be a referee plz.

  14. superbrian97 says:

    sure i’ll play i want 2 be security superbiran97 is my penguin

  15. 1415gamer says:

    oreo i want to be for blue team

  16. cody says:

    hey dood!!wats up!!uhh can u add me to anything thats available on the red team!!

  17. Nolan Ryan and Manrock1 says:

    I will be on the blue team, plz and so will manrock1!
    thank you we will be there.

    Thanks again and we will be there!

  18. Alighf says:

    I sign up for red team!

  19. cod4 masta says:

    can i be on the red team

  20. hey oreo, this is Blakej1997! I can be a Security worker. Thanks!
    PS: how can i chat with you if I need you?

  21. yikes59 says:

    hey oreo i was just wondering if i could be on the red team thanks my name is yikes59 but untill tomorrow waddle on

  22. poltzingraph says:

    i will be a spectator:)!

  23. jackwen2 says:

    May I be in the red team
    -Jackwen 2nd

  24. michel12345 says:

    how do you sign up

  25. zolacolor says:

    Cool i will be the spectator.

  26. braveboy124 says:

    i want to be red!!! SIGHN ME UP!!

  27. puffles4eva says:

    Ok thx 😉

  28. Bellerophont says:

    Count me as a sub!
    Oreo 8000: you will have to be on the red team,okay.

  29. Gugaluga says:



  30. Gugaluga says:

    Please put me on the Security list I have a penguin named Gugaluga! Please Oreo!

  31. Gugaluga says:

    Actully Oreo if you need another Ref I will volenteer against my will!

  32. articsledder says:

    Dang. I guess I will be a sub for red.

  33. Gugaluga says:

    Ohh Wait I dont have the Ref shirt 😦

  34. Sharklionjay says:

    I’ll be a security guard.

  35. bleu soap23 says:

    can i be a guard i have the perfect sutie

  36. dbonz77 says:

    what doi wear for a security? i just wear a tuxcedo

  37. Sharklionjay says:

    I guess I’ll be a referee. Sigh. I wanted to be a security guard. Oh and my CP name is well, sharklionjay!

  38. Sharklionjay says:

    And I got a referee suit too! I’ll also throw in some other items, you know, so I look cool! Man I talk and comment to much! 😦 Dang! I made my comment longer! Grrr

  39. bubba1960 says:

    Can i be a ref? plz plz plz

  40. Im going to come and watch!

  41. Gugaluga says:


  42. Gugaluga says:


  43. dbonz77 says:

    i loved your partie

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