For awhile I was searching on how to make a favicon for a wordpress blog.

Well people wanted to know how to so I will realease my guide how to make a favicon on WordPress

  1. Go to the Settings Page in your aminitrative page


  • Then once you have the image selected then press upload.


  • After it uploads then you crop it.


  • Then on the page it will say, “Your avatar image has been uploaded and you should start seeing it appear around soon!”
  • If after a littl while the favicon doesn’t appear, then comment back.

If any of the instructions were unclear then please comment.

-Oreo 8000

  1. jeffh6 says:

    oreo if you get this in time we need to meet up or have a party maybe this sunday 11:am pst time if it works for you or later at night we need to meet tonight get on your chat at 5:00pm central time ok

  2. indy59 says:

    That is wicked awesome dude! I jux uploaded a pic a couple minutes ago!


  3. articsledder says:

    Great., I need to update mine.

  4. tooly228 says:

    My ‘favicon’ isnt cool.

  5. I have been waiting for hours. It hasnt changed yet.

  6. DIVACATS says:

    Thanks Dude!!

    πŸ™‚ ~DIVACATS~ πŸ™‚

  7. ice boy 60 says:

    how do you make a pin or rockhopper tracker widget

  8. Agent Pen43 says:

    i can’t get to my settings!! ARG!

  9. arhsj says:

    Hey yo now it is new so show the new way cause I am having trouble. Reply to my e-mail at:

  10. lwcpcheats says:

    ive been waiting for a long time why wont it change?

  11. Manrock1 says:

    Thanks oreo, that really helped me. I kept searching on google and i finally found your page.
    Thx again

  12. lwcpcheats says:


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