Update: My Rockhopper Tracker is having some technical difficulties, thank you for your patience.

Rockhopper is here so here is my Rockhopper tracker.

Here is the code

Details of Rockhopper

Where: Left Yukon, Tracking

<a href=”http://oreo8000.googlepages.com/rockhoppertracker”><img src=”http://oreo8000.googlepages.com/RockhopperTracker.JPG&#8221; /></ a>

Here are pictures

When I met him in Snow Drift


When I met him in Yukon


Tips to finding Rockhopper

  1. Look in popular servers
  2. Look at Migrator ship hold, captain’s quarters, beach, dock, town, plaza, cove, and the iceberg
  3. Popular servers to find Rockhopper: Mammoth, Frozen, Alpine, Yukon, Tundra, and the first page servers
  4. Look at the most accurate Rockhopper Tracker (mine)
  5. Keep refreshing the page to see updates with my tracker
  1. cybermugen says:


  2. bubba1960 says:

    Can you make some CSS for POCP

  3. Just Doodie says:

    Is Oreo 9000 your Sister?

  4. sman2323kool says:

    Oreo your also on the hunt. Every time I click on you you go to a different place the log off. LOL.

  5. jackwen2 says:

    Dude how do you make widgets i reall want to know.
    -Jackwen 2nd

  6. 1415gamer says:

    im replying to just doodie
    oreo9000 is oreos sister

  7. 1415gamer says:

    how do you get your own picture for the comments??

  8. max323525 says:

    hi oreo, u r cool…
    but u should not put everyone else down
    it is NOT cool
    see ya

  9. michel12345 says:

    um your tracker only says online

  10. 1415gamer says:

    wow really all of them copied you
    they cant do anything by them selfs
    well you rock oreo

  11. gabscouch says:

    hey oreo i was just wondering…. will you add me to your site. as you problly know i dont have anywere near 50,000 and i dont know how to do a blog roll. but you’re and auther on my siter so you can add your self. so juat give it a thought and with your answer just leave it on my site.

  12. Ray Toolbear says:

    Mines is precise as per you take my name off your post or I will report you for doing a post on hating peoples blog or post.

    Oreo 8000: I already took you off the post. I could report you for copying me and Tooly with Rockhopper Tracker widgets.

  13. jasico says:

    When do you think you can fix the tracker and im new to your tracker so does it really work?

  14. survivor91 says:

    And another thing Oreo, just chill with Ray. Don’t lose your cool. Tooly gave us permission to use his pin widgets anyway.


  15. fuzzball105 says:

    where is rockhopper now. i’ve never found him and i really want to

  16. Mitchell says:

    😦 it takes WAY too long to load

  17. Jrox2900 says:

    Can you PLEASE add me too your blogroll?! my site is http://www.coolstuffrox.com and i work really hard for it!I’ll be your friend and help YOU!

  18. Lucas806 says:

    hey cool rockhopper tracker but its completely wrong and this is from ages ago!!

  19. Cp Coughman says:

    Rockhopper goes on Mammoth late at night but I prefure using the rockhopper tracker!

  20. Cp Coughman says:

    I met Rockhopper this morning at Mammoth time 10:38

  21. drake24656 says:


  22. drake24656 says:


  23. coconut says:

    help me find rock hopper

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