New Look for My Forum

Posted: December 21, 2008 by Oreo 8000 in Uncategorized

Scroll downto see the Rockhopper Tracker post and the Christmas party post.

Yesterday, I re-designed my forum, so please sign up for it so it can become the best forum. The 50th person to join will become a moderator, and I have 19 members. To get to my forum here is the url.
You can also get to my forum by clicking on the banner I made for my forum.

-Oreo 8000

  1. michel12345 says:


  2. Brownie 59 says:

    Hi Oreo!! Do you know who Rofegme is?

  3. Sharklionjay says:

    I can’t join because I’m not allowed to give my email to you; unless you don’t ever use the email address.

  4. Sman2323 says:

    How does the Forum work. I’m the 21st

  5. jackwen2 says:

    ps:Hey oreo how did you get a .com im making a special site please reply.
    -Jackwen 2nd

  6. michel12345 says:

    im having a contest on my site! im giving a rare penguin away ! heres my site:

  7. dbonz77 says:

    can u start a web site for me cause i need a cheat code site i am dbonz77 and cbla9 is wanting to help me plz help u rock oreo

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