Merry Christmas and New Penguin Times

Posted: December 25, 2008 by Oreo 8000 in Uncategorized

Merry Christmas guys. Today I got more Club Penguin trading cards (tin) and I also got Elite Penguin Force for my DS. I almost have the cards online and I have a tin and a value deck of cards so I could probably beat a lot of people in card-jitsu. I got the tin today and the value deck in like November around when they came out.

Here are the main parts of the penguin times today. Also the new mission will start on the 29th.

I will also have a page that will have guides to pass the EPF missions.

Here are the results for Coins for Change

Kids who are sick: 30%
Kids who are poor and cannot go to school: 33%
Kids without parents or hurt by war: 37%


On the next page Rockhopper says farewell


Here are the events to come in Club Penguin.

-Oreo 8000
Merry Christmas

  1. michel12345 says:

    good post! im making a page on my site called site of the month! it will be you or lux1200! keep up th godd work!

  2. mexredy says:

    how do u make a pin widget plz tell me

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