Party Scheduled for New Year’s Day

Posted: December 27, 2008 by Oreo 8000 in Uncategorized

I scheduled the party I’m having on New Year’s day. Here is the information provided and also the banner


If you cant read it here are the details typed out.

Why: 2009/ 90,000 hits/ 700 days old on Club Penguin
Where: Ski Hill in Fjord
When: January 1st, noon Club Penguin time

I hope you can come to my party.
-Oreo 8000

  1. Yoda Ads says:

    Hay Oreo Its Yoda Ads Just Wondering If You Can Add Me To Your Blogrole Please!

    ~yoda ads~

  2. cheetyweety says:

    oh im gonna try dude! you rock!

  3. articsledder says:

    Saweet! Im coming! to bad CP brought back our favorite shirt on CP 😦

  4. cheetyweety says:

    im in mod oreo. can you moderate my comments?

  5. snorlax126 says:

    wat time is noon
    please ad me

  6. Will you add me my name is Sss Go Away and when will u make my banner?

  7. Chase says:

    Hey, i need to talk to you oreo.
    Will you be on your chat during the party?

  8. cheetyweety says:

    thanks for moderating me dude! i go on here everyday and i want people to see my comments! thanks oreo!

  9. Juanpina134 says:

    sweet!im coming but when is noon,i for got? by the way r u going to chrisdog93’s party on sunday?

  10. bubba1960 NLO (not logged on) and wants to have a very very long name so here it is...... says:

    hi oreo,
    i might be able to make it
    its a good time
    like the name?

  11. aidan7777 says:

    hey oreo can i be filming at your party and put it on youtube plz
    cant wait for the party

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