Best Mission 10 Tutorial and Video

Posted: December 29, 2008 by Oreo 8000 in Uncategorized

Update: The video isn’t working. Sorry, but Hypercam2 is not that good and the video is unclear. 

Waddle Squad (Mission 10)

  1. Talk to G and ask him for the assignment to guard the puffle
  2. The monitors will turn off and then Herbert will come in the screen
  3. Then Rookie will tell Herbert what is going on, but that was bait
  4. Then you are assigned to be the mission leader
  5. Take the solar pannel from the box next to G
  6. Then go to the gift shop
  7. Click on the penguin and help him get the clearance table outside (Click on the table against the wall and the clothes and the box)
  8. Take the Solar Pannel and connect it to the end of the wires on the magnet
  9. then solder the pannel (click on the paper to see what to do)
  10. Scroll down to see picture of the soldering board
  11. The things can’t cross so have the red and yellow go along the right side of the pannel (make sure to not have them go on the same line as the other ones)
  12. Head on over to the dock and talk to the penguin with the Hydro Hopper
  13. Pick the second line, whcih is to ask him for rope and he will give you some
  14. Go to the night club and by the door to the lounge there is a machine to connect the rope to
  15. Put the rope on the top of the machine
  16. The machine won’t work, then take the wrench and take off the bolts on the machine
  17. Scroll down for the picture on how to fix the gears
  18. then pull the lever, the trap should be in the air now
  19. Then go to the beach, where the jet pack guy is
  20. he doesn’t have fuel, so look for cream soda
  21. Once you have the cream soda you have to split it into different parts

Steps to get four even units in the 2 beackers

  1. Pour the cream soad to the second beacker ( first:3 second:5 third:0)
  2. Then click on the help and then split the beackers the way the help tells you

Back to the Overall mission directions

  1. Then you should get a call about Herbert at the dock ( well actually Klutzy)
  2. Then you will get another call
  3. At the night club Herbert swaps the puffle (fake) with a can of worms
  4. Pull the lever, then he is trapped. But he will excape
  5. The agents will move in and then the puffle will get stuck to the wall that moves towards Herbert (magnet)
  6. Take the jet pack and connect it to the cage. The cage should then be stuck to the magnet and then Herbert is trapped
  7. Rookie then gives him the phone to make a call, but Herbert transported out of the cage
  8. Herbert Dropped seeds which gives us a clue.

I will make the video soon also DON’T FORGET TO COLLECT THE AWARD AND GIFT

Pictures for this mission

10. Soldering board


16. The gears for the trap


-Oreo 8000

This step-by-step tutorial is one of the most accurate walk throughs of mission 10, brought to you by, where you can find the best Club Penguin cheats and secrets since April 4th 2008 also home to one of the first and best Rockhopper Trackers

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Mission 10 tutorial title, Easy Success in Mission 10®

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