Party Today

Posted: January 1, 2009 by Oreo 8000 in Uncategorized

I thought the party was great. There were a lot of people here are some pictures.

This was about 10 minutes before the party. Notice the puffle firework


Here is right when the party started


We were partying in the ski lodge attic, but here is when we went to my igloo.


We also went to the dojo, night club, iceberg and pizza parlor.


Here is a picture at the end of the party


-Oreo 8000

  1. cheetyweety says:

    hey oreo! the pictures r ready on my site! i showed up a bit late (spot 4657) so sorry bout that. 8 pictures r ready! use the ones u like!

  2. cheetyweety says:

    that was a fun party? r u gonna use my pictures??

  3. cheetyweety says:

    i meant that was a fun party!

  4. pingu104 says:

    oreo i was the first penguin at your party and you were really good at find four and sled racing plus extreme at card jitsu


  5. pingu104 says:


  6. pingu104 says:

    please add me to your bloggroll i have added you i have a cp site

  7. aidan7777 says:

    hey i made a film for the party click the link to see it

  8. Ben says:

    Pin at the ski lodge attic

  9. slideslider1 says:

    i was in 3 pics lol. the party was fun

  10. drewdrewli says:

    lol nice dude!
    ur crowd is bigg!

  11. cheetyweety says:

    dude r u gonna use my pictures? my blog is in the first comment. plz say yes or no.

  12. pjtaz97 says:

    im sorry i missed your party oreo 8000 it looked really cool and please dont take me off your friends list please dont

  13. Lux1200 says:

    Hey Oreo I got you back on the blogroll 🙂 And your site looks great! Also, just an FYI you may want to set up a catagory for your post so that google can crawl your site. Hope to see you on CP soon

  14. pingu104 says:

    dude my site has pictures on plz put me on blogroll i have you on i have a cp site but i dont have much hits
    you rock please put me on

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