Penguin Times Issue # 169 and Logo

Posted: January 8, 2009 by Oreo 8000 in Uncategorized

First I will start out with the penguin times.

The first page it is about the member party, and a new game that will be launched during it.


The next page is about the return of Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal


Finally here is the event page


Here is my new logo. I will try to improve it. Tell me what you think about the logo. (Nothing mean about it)


-Oreo 8000

  1. honeyram says:

    looks AWSOME

  2. XLR8 64 says:

    your buddy here cool logo

  3. drewdrewli says:

    cool logo
    it matches with the other words

  4. 87 david 87 says:

    its look awesome

  5. hockey6 says:

    its is really cool!

  6. cheetyweety says:

    good idea to put the “cheats” in wite and orange. sorry bout your veiws oreo. i got 73 so far today, but usally i get 50 or so. well anyway good luck wth your site and logo!

  7. pinkie444425 says:

    its cool dude.

  8. pinkie444425 says:

    I love it!!!!! oh and btw oreo? check out me and my friend’s site. It’s

  9. **** says:

    It’s fabulous!

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