EPF International Update

Posted: January 25, 2009 by Oreo 8000 in Uncategorized

Elite Penguin Force will be available to Latin America, UK, and Australia in the Spring.

I also want to tell you guys about my forum. Go to http://oreo8000.forummotion.com to join my forum. I will make updates to my forum (CSS theme). I am looking for some one to be a admin, but they need one requirement, know how to make changes to the forum, like pictures for new posts and icons for each groups, and help with making cool pictures and stuff for the forum. Also they need to know how to use the admin pannel to add things to the sidebar and stuff.

-Oreo 8000

  1. waltdisney6 says:

    Ok oreo! I will sign up to your forum. I will try to help you! Check out my forum; http://clubpenguin-ninjas.forumsmotion.com

  2. Chase says:

    Oh, and i signed up as Penguin Master.

  3. waltdisney6 says:

    Oreo. Someone has moved me down from an administrator. Why has this happened?

  4. waltdisney6 says:

    Why am I not an admin anymore?

  5. Chase says:

    I’ll make you an admin.

  6. waltdisney6 says:

    can I be an aythor here please Oreo, I’ll add u to my site once I know yr e-mail.

  7. Bryan Omar says:

    OOPS I forgot to tell you the name of the Forum i have: http://crazychobots.forummotion.com

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