New Pin and New Catalog

Posted: January 30, 2009 by Oreo 8000 in Uncategorized

Today the New Sports Shop Catalog came out. There were some old items that came back. The Paint by Letters book hasn’t been realeased yet.


Click on the surf board, star fish and shell to get the silver surf board.


Click on the Rock Climbing Wall to get the Mountain Climbing Gear.


The new pin is at the Light House Beacon.


Also the snow that is being stored till February is now being stored till March.


That’s all for now

– Oreo 8000

  1. michel12345 says:

    awsome new theme!

  2. braveboy124 says:

    i like the theme oreo! also march 30th is my birthday lol. that was random awesome blog keep it up. if you have time pleas visit mine.
    -Your pal, braveboy124 a.k.a braveboy24

  3. Sman2323 says:

    I like the other theme better…Sorry. Really why March… I know what the party is going the be. The Festival of Snow.

  4. bubba1960 says:

    nice theme

  5. Cronky09 says:

    Hey i saw you on fojord and ask to be your buddy but you didnt accept it

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