Denno Senshi Spotted

Posted: January 31, 2009 by Oreo 8000 in Uncategorized

Update: On the page I found the stories about people being banned by Denno Senshi, well the page said it is fiction.

I logged onto Fjord and well, I saw Denno Senshi, I didn’t want him to ban me so I logged off right when I saw him.

For those who don’t know about Denno Senshi, he bans people, because he is a hacker. Go to to read more about him.

Here is a picture of his player card

-Oreo 8000

  1. michel12345 says:


  2. bmferrari says:

    wow that is dangerous good thing he didnt ban u

  3. denno senshi says:

    if u guys think i will ban u then log on tonight at 5:00 at fjord

  4. mixingred says:

    are you serious?

  5. I know Dennos pass and went on Fjord today.

  6. Caldog9 says:

    Hey Oreo,

    I don’t really like this theme. Just telling. (No Offense)


  7. lil says:

    lol ooo scary im scared lol not well kinda and his pass is: dennosenshi 😀

  8. Sman2323 says:

    I already read about him in your evil penguins then once I saw his name on here. I’m like did Oreo get banned

  9. Bryan Omar says:

    Oreo, you have to read the complete article!!!!!

    That’s just a made up story. They just got permission to post it there. 😉

  10. tixply says:

    thank you because i got banned and i dont know why so now i might know why.
    there is alot of hacking and do you think is his behind it?

  11. bubba1960 says:


  12. tixply says:

    im looking for him on my back up penguin

  13. Rofegme says:

    Do you still remember Mimo777?
    He said that it was an accident that he got a membership…
    It MIGHT be fake! He might of done it on purpose…

    a)He has been giving away memberships, and must be used to adding Mimo in the from box and another penguin in the To box. How can he make a mistake?
    b)It seemed like non-members were missing a lot.

    Later on:
    If he decides to stay a member, then it is almost verified that he did it on purpose.

  14. Rofegme says:

    Denno Senshi Porygon is a japanese Tv Show… interesting

  15. Mrs.Denno senshi says:

    I know his password it is :

  16. XLR8 64 says:

    wow good thing you got away dude

  17. codejeana23 says:

    Denno Senshi is banned forever.

  18. Agent Pen43 says:

    lol. he is banned foreva!

  19. Cid Boy 4732 says:

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    Awesome site!
    Please comment back on my site (Click my name)
    Join in with some of my cool competions.

  20. denno senshi says:


  21. coolest991 says:

    why did you ban him? thats not right!!!! what did he do to you????

  22. vamprina101 says:

    Maybe Denno senshi is
    Sensai’s evil brother..
    Goood thing sensai is in the good side! lol

  23. Poptrop99 says:

    I found his password but he is banned forever:(

  24. foxx21 says:

    he was never real

  25. kitkat says:

    Denno senshi is real l

  26. kitkat says:

    btw Denno Senshi are u really a hacker?! i hope your not

  27. mbt12 says:

    hi, i have never heard of him but i think i have seen him a few times OMG but he sounds quite scary you know. BYE

  28. mbt12 says:

    hello guys. I have never really heard of Denno Senshi but he sounds quite scary you know. Like how can he hack in your account and stuff. Plus you never know he could be like a 45 year old.

  29. yell4340 says:

    i went on the site owned by the person who called cp and banned him and he somehow knew that he banned denno and screamed REVENGE! the next day when he tried to log on it said: Your acount has been banned. Singed the denno senshi; then it had a button to click on that said: okay ; then it said: the mysterios penguin

  30. yell4340 says:


  31. jessiboo says:

    i have evidence that he’s real well its this (it doesnt have the senshi note just the you’ll find out)
    user:always ill

    this is my bro’s account (he’s very sickly thats why the username)

  32. jessiboo says:

    yell there is a few typo’s but nvm

  33. jessiboo says:

    that commenter denno is fakey
    XD Nice try

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