White Puffle

Posted: February 21, 2009 by Oreo 8000 in Uncategorized

I saw the white puffle. Every 30 minutes the white puffle will appear at the dojo courtyard and the ski hill. Before you could get the yellow puffle, it would appear around Club Penguin, so maybe soon you can adopt them.


Here are some edits I made of the white puffle.


I will have the playercard edit later.

-Oreo 8000

  1. Sharklionjay says:

    Yay! They used my white puffle idea!

  2. Agent Pen43 says:

    LOL. i love the rubber chicken idea

  3. jgires says:

    uh it was me and my sisters idea

  4. aidan7777 says:

    lol cool edit


  5. hi oreo!!!!!!!!!!! um can u meet me tomarrow server tundra at dock 4 pm pst plz ill be sillymon

  6. Sman2323 says:

    Actually it is anything :15 or :45 the White puffle is at Ski Hill and anything :00 or :30 the White puffle shows up at the Dojo

  7. Sman2323 says:

    You spelled humorous wrong you spelled it Homorous. lol.

  8. monster86a says:


    The Automatically post generator has my site in it! Thank you!


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