April Fools Party and Penguin Times

Posted: April 2, 2009 by Oreo 8000 in Uncategorized

Scroll down to see the Aunt Arctic and other famous penguins trackers.

I put the tracking post on sticky and had all the updates on another page on my site, but I decided to normal a post.

First I will start with the April Fools Party. Well for the April Fools Party, there are always boxes that do cool things. And in one box, the free item is in. It is in the mine.


Next I would like to talk about two new rooms. Well, one is clearly visible and that is the box store. It is saddly only for members. For the non-members I will show a picture of the Box Store.


Here is the inside, and you can buy portal boxes, small, medium and large boxes. You can also paint a picture with throwing color balloons at the canvass.


I will show what the second room is.

  1. buy the portal box
  2. put it in your igloo
  3. go in it
  4. then you are in the box dimension



New Penguin Times

Today Club Penguin released the new issue of the Penguin Times.

The first article is a interview with Gary the Gadget Guy, about the April Fools Boxes with their special abilities.


The next article is a interview with the Penguin Band.


Finally are the two events page. The first is updates about Rockhopper and the updates in Club penguin.



-Oreo 8000

  1. Ajane says:

    Can you post the Sensei interview…

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