Penguin Times Issue #193

Posted: June 25, 2009 by Oreo 8000 in Uncategorized

Today Club Penguin released the newest issue of the Penguin Times. Their will be a delay with the Penguin Times Archive. Also tomorrow is my Summer Party.

I will first start out with my Summer Party. Here is the information. I will also have one on next Wednesday for coming close to 250,000 hits.

Summer Party Banner 

If you can’t read the banner, here is the information in regular type.

  • Summer Party of Fun
  • Tomorrow @ 11:00 AM CP Time
  • My Igloo in Fjord

I am also working on a new css for my site.

The first article of the Penguin Times is about the new music for the game DJ3K.

Page A2 in Penguin Times #193

The next article is about the next 7 days for the 101 days of fun. I am writing summaries for each day and not copying the exact thing that is in the penguin times

  • Day 22: Pretend that you and your buddies sunk the iceberg by turning light blue and dance to pretend that you are water on the iceberg
  • Day 23: Play the new tracks in DJ3K and also have a dance party in your igloo and make sure to decorate it.
  • Day 24: Go to the Pizza Parlor and change the switch on the Pizzatron and try to make 8 candy pizzas without any mistakes
  • Day 25: Try to catch as many fish in Ice Fishing and then cook fish in your igloo for your igloo party
  • Day 26: Dance in the Night Club. Also have a dance off with a buddy.
  • Day 27: Go to the book room and read all of the books and then wear around the free items that come in the books
  • Day 28: Tell your 5 favorite friends that they are awesome by sending a post card in Penguin Mail.


Page A4 in Penguin Times #193


On July 3rd Sensei will make an appearance. I will have my tracker up and running for his appearance. He will only be here for 3 days so that is why you should look at my tracker for the visit.

Then on July 10th, my favorite play will be in Club Penguin, “Ruby and the Ruby”.

Tomorrow their will be a new Igloo Upgrades Catalog.

 Events in Penguin Times #193

See ya at my party tomorrow. For the party I will change my igloo to the new one.

-Oreo 8000

  1. dbonz77 says:

    sorry i missed ur party

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