Penguin Times Issue #196

Posted: July 16, 2009 by Oreo 8000 in Uncategorized

Today the latest Penguin Times came out. The first article is about something every penguin is taking about.

The Music Jam. Here is the logo Club Penguin made.

 Music Jam logo

Here is a picture of the article. I can’t wait for it. It is one of the best parties in Club Penguin history besides the water party. Get your bands ready to rock out the Music Jam. There will cool stages and other cool things. Members grab your backstage pass tomorrow. It will most likely be behind the main stage in the Dock that will probably change types of music every day.

Page A2 in Penguin Times #196

The next article is aboutthe top 5 music stages. I wonder if they will have the Western stage in the Forrest and the Rock Stage in the Soccer Pitch. I bet they will add new stuff and keep a lot stuff from last year.

Page A4 in Penguin Times #196

There are many new events going around Club Penguin.

Tomorrow- Music Jam and Dj Cadence and Penguin Band Appearances (I will have my tracker)

Tomorrow- Music Catalog (Maybe like the special Medieval catalog from the Medieval Party. Like a secondary catalog just for the party.)

Tomorrow- New Furniture (Music themed furniture probably)

July 24th- Vote on the new penguin color

Events in Penguin Times #196

I made a preview of what the new colors look like.

Guess of the new colored penguins

Only one color will win. I think the poll will be in next week’s Penguin Times.

Here is my poll. Please vote. This is a survey to see what color may have the best chance of winning.

-Oreo 8000

  1. dbonz7 says:

    hey how did u get all the things like the club penguin fournm and stuff just leave a comment on how to do it at dbonz77 and cbla9 blog

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