Festival of Flight

Posted: August 14, 2009 by Oreo 8000 in Uncategorized

The Festival of Flight has taken off like an airplane. Really! Club Penguin is FLOATING, thanks to Gary and his invention. There is a lot of buzz going around.

First I will start off with some pictures to prove Club Penguin is floating. I will fist start off with the underground pool. There is normally glass in those windows down there, because of the water. Well, the glass was taken out and there is a cloud. I have labeled the picture.

CP pool floating

Some easy proof also is when you look at Club Penguin during this party. It’s floating.

Club Penguin floating

Another cool thing about the party is when you click on the Hydro Hopper, the inter tube goes up a big plastic chute from the water to the dock.

Hydro Hopper during flight party

Now I am going to focus on the main feature of this party. To get the Jet Packs. This is really cool so pay attention.

  1. Go to your map
  2. Then, go to the forrest
  3. Go on the hot air balloon
  4. Then there will be a clock counting down to your arrival at the Tallest Mountain in Club Penguin

Club Penguin Hot Air Balloon

Here is a picture of the room.

Tallest Mountain in Club Penguin

In the lower left-hand corner there are the free Jet Packs.

Jet Packs2

There is another free item too. It is the Green Propeller Cap. Go to the plaza and you will find a box of them in the lower right-hand corner.

Green Beanie Hat

Green Beanie Hat2

If you like collecting free items that are the same, but they will have different colors. Well, this is a tip for you and some facts.

Here are the years and colors the Bunny Ears come in.

  • 2006- Pink Bunny Ears
  • 2007- Blue Bunny Ears
  • 2008- Green Bunny Ears
  • 2009- Pink Bunny Ears

Here are years and colors for the Propeller Caps.

  • 2006- Red Propeller Cap
  • 2007- Blue Propeller Cap
  • 2008- Red Propeller Cap
  • 2009 April Fools- Blue Propeller Cap
  • 2009 Festival of Flight- Green Propeller Cap

The new pin came out today. You can find it in the Mine. It  is a Sand Castle.

Castle Pin

Castle Pin2

That’s all so far

-Oreo 8000


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