Penguin Times Issue #201

Posted: August 20, 2009 by Oreo 8000 in Uncategorized

Club Penguin Times #201 Header

The Festival of Flight is a success. I thought it was really fun. I like the balloon ride to the Tallest Mountain in Club Penguin. Here are the 6 things that were a success.

  1. Gary’s planto lift up the island to replace the glass was met with enthusiasm!
  2. Penguins everywhere helped get gadgets and inventions ready for take-off!
  3. It worked! For the first time ever, the island of Club Penguin was in the air!
  4. Penguins tested some of Gary’s inventions and took in the views!
  5. All over there were sky-high adventures!
  6. Slowly and safely, Club Penguin returned to the water and the Festival of Flight was called a “flying success”!

Page A2 in Penguin Times #201

Then here are the days and details of the new events.

  • August 21st- September 10th: Underwater Adeventure play comes to the stage
  • August 21st- September 17th: New Furniture catalog arrives
  • August 28th: The new Sports Catalog will be  released

Events in Penguin Times #201


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