Igloo Music Cheat Found by Wwe Adam

Posted: August 26, 2009 by Oreo 8000 in Uncategorized

This Post is from Wweadam.com. Credit to Wwe Adam for this cheat. I copied this post from his website.

Eyneyn showed me an awesome cheat for getting any music on Club Penguin into your igloo, even if you’re a non member!! Here’s how!

1. You can jam to any music available on Club Penguin, let’s try taking the night club music.


2.  Start walking towards the night club.

nightclub walking

3. Just a little before you enter the night club, press the home button to go to your igloo.


4. If you did it right, you’ll be in your igloo with the night club music! You will probably have to try more than once your first time.

igloo music

5. You’ll be able to do this with any music on Club Penguin, even parties!

Again, this works for members as well as non members. If you already have music on in your igloo, this will still replace it! No worries, if you leave the igloo and come back the music will be back to your old one.

  1. Secretguy123 says:

    Thanks! Worked on the first time 😉

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