Party On Wednesday!!!

Posted: September 7, 2009 by erik01297cpinfo in Uncategorized

Hey penguins! I am so exited because i just wanted to have a cool little party this WEDNESDAY. Its for the Fall Fair! Erik01297 will be hosting it. Oreo8000 come but not sure. So please come tomorrow! Just give yourself a reminder in some way. You dont have to stay long just stop buy and say hello. I will be recording and taking pictures. And feel free to post them on your site if you have one.

 PARTY INFO: WHERE: Sleet Dock, (Will be directed to other places)

WHEN: Wednesday 2:35 Club Penguin Time Zone (PST)

 HOST: Erik01297 WHY: Fall Fair (Do we really need a reason for partys anyway?)

Hope you will be able to make it!!! ~Erik01297me!

  1. awsomecp05 says:

    ill be there!!!

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