Screenhog On Making Club Penguin Stuff!

Posted: October 14, 2009 by erik01297cpinfo in Uncategorized

Wow this is really shocking. Alot of us were hoping for the new color gray since we seen the Gnome costume. But that color isnt going to be coming out=(


Here is the reason:

It’s not a new penguin color… but we do put the clothes on grey penguins for a reason. Grey is neutral – which means it doesn’t look strange next to a different color. If we were to use a yellow or dark blue penguin all the time when we designed clothes, we might end up making a lot of clothing items that look really good on yellow or dark blue penguins, but nothing else! Using a grey penguin gives us the best chance of creating clothing items with colors that work on all penguins.

Ya its sad, but HEY maybe it will come out another time!



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