Getting Ready For the Big Party

Posted: October 21, 2009 by Oreo 8000 in Uncategorized

I’m so siked for the Anniversary Party for Club Penguin. I wonder what the hat will look like and what the party will be like. Remember though that the party is for Saturday only.

Don’t expect to have the beta hat, 1st, 2nd and 3rd anniversary hats to return, because they are special for each year. Here is my depiction of what the hat might look like. Sorry about the picture quality.

4th anniversary hat prediction

  1. po 73354 says:

    what server do you go on?

  2. alpha202 says:

    Hey Oreo!
    I just Checked your site After A Long Time and it looks AWESOME! You have alot of hits! I just wanted to say thanks to you because your the person who inspired me to make my Cheat Site! I ran into one of your partys and you added me and everyone said i was lucky. I searched your name on the internet and found you and i was like, “Whoa, he really is famous!” So i wanted to be famous too so i made a site! Im not really famous yet though… but… Yea! Thanks Oreo!


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